domingo, agosto 14, 2005


Sexual dysfunctions can be classifed in two categories: abnormal sexual activity and not very satisfactory life. Upsetting sexual problems are the cause of numerous social and medical problems. Professor Nozu found that female rats have a shorter sexual cycle and an earlier maturity of the ovaries due to the use of ginseng, wich also seems to have an important influence on bettering the libido and the sexual relationship, according to Yamata, who was the one who suggested that Gingseng could be a sexual stimulant.
In general, it is considered that 25% of libido is due to the intervention of the sexual hormones, the remaining to SNC. The stimulation of the libido by Ginseng seems to follow an indirect route that goes via the brain central neurones.
Give that the synthesis of the ADN and the proteins in general play an important role in the production of sperm, it is easily understood that the stimulants of the protein synthesis, for instance Ginseng, play an important role in the treatment of abnormal sperm production.

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