quarta-feira, setembro 14, 2005


"…I dunno, but whenever I see her I just want to…you know… I want to undress her, I want to tie her up and pump her pump pump pump till she screams bloody murder. And then I want to flip her ass over and pump her even more and so hard my dick shoots right through her and so that my come squirts out of her mouth… Not that I could ever actually… do that…
Oh, if only she knew how I felt, how deep down I really cared for her, respected her, she would love me back. Maybe. But she hardly even knows I exist. I mean, she knows I exist – we are neighbors, we smile politely at each other… But I don't know how I could ever begin to really talk to her, what can I talk about? I have nothing to talk about. I'm boring. I know. I've been told before [...]
And for her to see how boring I am… no, no, no… It's better I say nothing… and hope… though right now, I have to say, if I were to suddenly jump out of my window, she wouldn't care. I mean, she'd care, of course, she'd care, I mean, she is human, but I mean she'd care the way you care about a stranger you read about in the paper that jumps in front of a running subway train, a stranger whose name you're never sure how to pronounce, if it's even printed. I'd be an anectode… maybe.
But you know what I'm going to do? When I see her next time, as soon as I see her, I'm just going to tell her… tell her I find her… attractive. And that'll be that. Then…then we'll see…"

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